• Lonely Star

    Lonely Star   A lonely star The only one In the sky tonight Shining brilliantly With strength Grace and dignity Reminding me Of so many people That I know In the crowd Or alone But always Shining!  

  • If you care to listen

    I dedicate it to everyone who feels unheard, maybe due to speech disabilities, or other factors. I believe that the loss is ours, when we do not listen. The other person always has so much to give.   If you care to listen   There is light everywhere Dancing around me I have counted its […]

  • My Leader

    Beyond the veil Of darkness Emerges A figure sublime. A lot like light He is Illuminating And warm Joining hands Hearts And souls Embodying hope. A personification Of love And kindness In a measure Unheard of. A promise Of justice Reward Forgiveness and mercy He brings. God’s own messenger Of truth No ego No shadow. […]

  • My Worship

    No word No verse No prayer Is good enough The limbs The tongue Hands and eyes Are helpless If my silence speaks to you My Lord You’ll know That I’ve emptied my soul And surrendered To You

  • Blessed Brick

    A brick for the prayer hall I carry in my bag And head towards The site that Soon shall be Your home my Lord. My walk has a new spring I hum an old melody Surrounded by angels My journey I begin. I smile as I think About all the rewards That this donation Would […]

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