• Spring

    It is spring, Jasmine, daffodil, And Magnolia tree, Alas, not in every home! Between the two graves (of his parents), The body of a child, Breathing and counting, His own heart-beats, Empty eyes. It is spring, Songs, poems, And guitar, Alas, not in every home! Barricades of ideologies, and what not Humanity at war, With […]

  • Who is She?

    What books does she read? Who is her Guru? Or was she in heaven? Before she was born, Under the tutelage, Of Prophets and saints. Her strength in gentleness, In such a measure, Hardly normal And not usual at all, The source of which should be known! She views life, But like a passenger on […]

  • Journey

    The wheel of time Is turning on Moving ahead And so am I, on foot Lingering and even stopping Soaking it all in. Relaxed is my pace I feel no rush Inspite of the awareness That time, days, and months Are all counted No more, no less. My road, my destination The entire journey Point-to-point? […]

  • My Own God

    Onyx dome, carved minarets, Exquisite, enormous, enchanting, A mosque, accomplished with equal measures of devotion and currency, Thronged by the well-heeled, Men of consequence. How can I, son of a humble peasant step in? The worshippers here are grace personified, Perfumed and refined, Men of taste, of class. My rough feet that never cared for […]

  • Sand

    SAND Ordinary, insignificant, Out there, vulnerable. I am sand, battling the Sun and what not! My fate it is to be trampled upon, Yet I rejoice in the knowledge that nothing will ever change me. Indestructible and solid, I have always been. I am not valuable, So, I escape being judged like diamonds, emeralds, or […]

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